Other Seminars

KMPA organized a Seminar on ‘Intelligent packaging Design’ sponsored by Esko Graphics India Pvt. Ltd. at Travancore Court Hotel, Ernakulam on October 11, 2014. The seminar inspired players in Kerala Packaging Industry and some print entrepreneurs who are toying with the idea of entering into packaging. Esko’s intelligent packaging solutions were irresistible for most of them, they said after the seminar.

A cross-section of Kerala’s Print and Packaging Industry entrepreneurs were present at the ‘Intelligent Packaging Design’.

ChandanMahendra, Esko’s Sales Manager – South, spoke about the vast potential for packaging industry in India. He gave the example of the packed food products. At present, the packed food products in India is consumed by only 0.2% of the population and in the next five years the percentage is going to increase to 5%. He also elaborated on the significance of good packaging in selling a product. The main presentation which every participant awaited was by ArunSubramanya, the Solution Architect of Esko. He spoke about how exactly Esko solutions are used in the making of a packaging.

KMPA Also conducted a seminar of new Provident Fund rules presented by Adv. A.V. Xavier, a noted Labour Law Consultant on October 25, 2014. The seminar was held to make the employees (press owners) aware about the new regulations by the central government with regard to Employees Provident Fund. Around 100 members of KMPA and other press owners took part in the seminar.