About Us

Kerala, the southern-most State of India, is one of the foremost states in India to adopt printing for mass communication. The first printing press in Kerala was established in the year 1578. Over the centuries, printing flourished in Kerala and helped the State to achieve 100 percent literacy by the end of last century. Kerala Master Printers Association (KMPA) is the official organization of printers in Kerala. This august body of printers has membership strength of more than 200 units and represents large and medium-sized printers in Kerala.  This 40-year-old organization, which is affiliated to the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), strives for the betterment of the printing community in the State, build solidarity and camaraderie among printers.

Our Former Presidents


Mr. M.Rajendran

Mr. R. Suresh

Mr. O. Venugopal

Mr. Joseph Muttathottil

Mr. G. Venugopal