New Managing Committee holds its first meeting at Trivandrum

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November 25, 2016
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November 25, 2016

The first Managing Committee Meeting presided by the new President S. Saji, of the newly-elected team of Kerala Master Printers Association (KMPA) for the term 2016-18 was held at Trivandrum Tennis Club on August 20, 2016.

In the President’s Welcome Address, Saji expressed his gratitude to all members for electing him as the new President of KMPA and said he was happy to be elected in the top position of the prominent printers’ association in the state. “This is the first time that someone based outside Kochi has become the President of KMPA,” Saji said.

“I know, with my new position in KMPA, a lot of responsibilities are also bestowed on me. I promise you, I will put my best efforts to carry out my duties as President,” Saji said.

The Minutes of last Managing Committee Meeting held at IMA House on July 16, 2016 was presented to meeting by General Secretary G. Rajesh and was approved by the committee members.

Later Immediate Past President G.Venugopal congratulated the new President and said the first MC with the presence of a large number of members was the proof of the organizational ability of the new President and his team. Venugopal said he wishes to see the vibrancy of the committee last till the end of its tenure.

Before Committee Chairmen’s submissions about their plans for future activities, the meeting discussed two important issues: 1) setting up of KMPA regional office in Trivandrum and 2) the amendments made in the by-laws which were made by Joseph Muttathottil, Chairman of the By-law/Govt. Relations & Taxation in consultation with the President and senior members of KMPA.

Future plans of Committee Chairmen
Raju N. Kutty, the incumbent Editor of Print Miracle magazine, spoke about his plans for the official journal of KMPA. He also sought suggestions from other members.

The Exhibition Committee Chairman G. Venugopal, who is also the IPP, said he was highly optimistic about the Expo next year. He said with the experience gained from the 2014 Expo, he is confident that the 2017 Expo will be conducted much better.

Education, Training & HRD Committee Chairman D. Manmohan Shenoy said two important courses organized by KMPA – Printing Technology course for ASAP (Additional Skills Acquisition Programme) and Community College Programme for IPT Shoranur – are going on well.
Ajith Jose, Chairman of Membership Promotion Committee, said his target is to raise the total membership strength to 200.

The Chairman of Machinery Committee T. N. Sajeevan said he is in the process of making a contact list of technicians, engineers and spare part dealers.

Biju Jose, Chairman, Media and Website Management, Mohammed Saju, Co-Chairman, Export Promotion, Shaji Antony, Co-Chairman, Hospitality and Recreation, Nazir M, Chairman, Land and Building also presented their reports.

With that the submission of reports was completed and the meeting entered into other subjects with the permission of the chair.

Formation of KMPA Ladies’ Forum
The President S. Saji informed that the KMPA Ladies Forum will be inaugurated during the Onam Celebrations. The members of the Ladies’ Forum will not have any responsible position in KMPA.

Wage Revision in Printing Presses
The President entrusted O.Venugopal to study the government’s new notification on wage revision and other statutory obligations in printing presses and the MC entrusted him to organize a workshop for KMPA members to clear any doubts regarding the new revisions.

Coordinator O. Venugopal and Vice-President R. Gopakumar reviewed the first Managing Committee Meeting. Venugopal said the day’s meeting was conducted excellently, discussing matters of importance crisply, and with clarity. He said all Chairmen put forward very good ideas to improve KMPA’s activities in all spheres.

Gopakumar appreciated the efficiency of all Chairmen in planning their activities and wished the same enthusiasm be kept throughout the entire term. He suggested putting the ads appearing in Print Miracle in the website also. Gopakumar gave the credit of conducting the first MC very efficiently to the new President and his team.

The President said every Monday there will be detailed discussion on programmes of particular committee on the basis of priority and the respective Committee Chairmen will be informed in advance so that they can make sure they attend that particular meeting.

Vote of Thanks
General Secretary G. Rajesh delivered the Vote of Thanks. He expressed his gratitude to Vice President K. Madhusoodhanan for hosting the first Managing Committee meeting in Trivandrum. He also thanked all Committee Members for attending the meeting, keeping aside their other engagements.